ICAR 2016:口服负载HBsAg的纳米颗粒疫苗或能增强免疫应答

2018-07-11 编辑:略晓薛 来源:一诺医学 作者:enjoylife
本研究旨在探讨负载纳米粒子的乙肝表面抗原对免疫应答的影响。该纳米颗粒有望通过增强吸收提高免疫反应,控制释放,防止其降解。粒径157±12 nm,Zeta电位+ 32 + 3.6 mV的纳米粒子的82%封装的高效开发。体外释放分析显示控制HBsAg从颗粒中的释放,而使用CD光谱测定其在酶中的稳定性。体内研究通过5-6 只BALB/c小鼠显示,与普通的抗原相比,负载HBsAg的纳米粒可增强免疫应答。
Hepatitis B Virus Surface Antigen Loaded Pluronic Grafted Chitosan Nanoparticles to Enhance Immunogenic Response by Oral Route
Shweta Sharma
Pharmaceutics division, CDRI, India
Oral delivery of antigen is preferred route for administration because of its convenience in administration which leads to improved patient compliance.Application of oral route becomes more important in case of vaccine delivery as it induces both mucosal as well as systemic humoral and cellular immune response. Hepatitis B is a serious infectious disease which in chronic infection causes hepatocellular carcinoma, cirrhosis and even death if left untreated. Literature reveals that approx 4 million clinical cases of acute Hepatitis B virus (HBV) ensues every year. Although parenteral vaccines derived from recombinant DNA are able to induce protection in about 95% of recipients but still this vaccination techniques exhibit low immune response,inefficient site for uptake and patient non-compliance. Hence an additional and alternative route of administration such as oral which is more patient compliant should be employed. The present study aims to investigate the effect of HBsAg loaded in nanoparticles over immunogenic response. The loaded nanoparticles are expected to improve immunogenic response by enhancing the uptake, controlling the release and preventing its degradation.The nanoparticles with particle size 157+12 nm and zeta potential +32+3.6 mV were developed with 82% encapsulation efficient. In vitro release analysis revealed the controlled release of HBsAg from nanoparticles whereas confirmation stability in enzymes was determined using CD spectra. In vivo studies in 5-6 BALB/c mice revealed enhance immunogenic response through HBsAg loaded nanoparticles in comparison to plain antigen。